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An Introduction To The New AI Powered, OnForm Practice Partner For Golf

I'm excited to announce the launch of a very powerful, fun and super useful new feature within the OnForm app. We've called the whole experience "Practice Partner", and it's designed to help golfers by auto-detecting every swing they take, saving them as short video clips, then leveraging voice dictation to capture the distance and direction of every shot. Videos are saved in your OnForm library with full text titles containing the club, distance, direction and feel. And it all happens without interrupting the flow of your practice session.

As a component to our overall platform, the Practice Partner simplifies one of the hardest things about using video: capturing the video in the first place! Before, you might have a friend capture a video of your swing or do it yourself manually. You'd end up with a 30 second video of a 3 second swing. Afterward, when you review the swing, you'd have to scrub forward to find the swing, maybe trim the clip so you don't waste so much space on your device, fiddle with awkward playback controls and slow motion, and even then, after you look at it once, it will probably go to die on your camera roll never to be seen again. We imagined a better way! We trained a machine learning model to become your video assistant. Doing the annoying stuff for you, capturing more about the swing than you could on your own, and keeping it organized and easy to manage.Every swing is auto-captured, clipped and titled, without interrupting your practice session

Just setup the camera and it will auto-detect each swing! It makes practice more fun, and more objective at the same time. Simply swing away, instantly review your shots, and discover your areas of improvement using our slow-motion and visualization tools. Share with an instructor Because OnForm is a true coaching platform, it's easy to work with a coach/instructor to get the best feedback and fastest improvement. There is no substitute for working with a good coach. The accountability and precise feedback will improve your game faster than any fad device or gadget. Thanks to our built-in sharing and text messaging features, it's easy to share the video with a coach so you can get real feedback about how to improve. In person lessons also become more powerful and useful as you can review your coach's feedback well after the lesson and during your own private practice time. Give it a try! Getting started is simple, you must have iOS 14 on your iPad or iPhone (the Practice Partner feature is not available on Android) and then head to the range. We've trained the model to recognize 3/4 and full swings and working on adapting it to learn short chip shot swings and putts. We'd love to hear your feedback on how it goes, drop us a line by mentioning us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #getOnForm. Have fun and swing away!

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