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Basketball Shot Coach Chooses OnForm For Remote Coaching Platform

OnForm is proud to have been selected as the remote coaching platform for Basketball Shot Coach, a new remote basketball shooting coaching service founded by Phil Shelley. Checkout the video for a quick overview of the services and features of his remote coaching platform using state of the art video animations.

Read the full press release below:

Basketball Shot Coach™ - Remote Specialist Shooting Coaching

The art and science of basketball shooting coaching has always been surrounded by confusion, myths, misconceptions, and conflicting information, even at the highest levels of the game.

Basketball Shot Coach™ have made it their mission to develop a logical, easy to follow, methodology (or system of methods) for analysing, coaching/teaching, learning, practicing, and mastering basketball shooting and scoring.

A methodology which can be easily used by coaches, parents, or sport educators to assist athletes at any level to develop the most simple, comfortable, efficient, reliable, and repeatable shooting form for them.

This is achieved by seamlessly integrating scientifically proven, irrefutable, biomechanically optimal generic elements of shooting form with each player’s unique individual physical characteristics. Therefore, we call this methodology PERFECT FORM 4U®.

It sounds complicated but by utilising this system, and the power of visual learning via hundreds of video animations of biomechanically efficient shooting form, drills, and informative video tutorials Basketball Shot Coach™ have developed, we are able to explain and teach these concepts simply and effectively.

Finally, via the use of the latest, state of the art, industry leading mobile video analysis platform utilising AI, machine learning and cloud infrastructure, designed specifically for remote coaching as the platform, Basketball Shot Coach™ can now deliver these specialist shooting analysis and coaching services remotely, simply, conveniently, and affordably to anyone, anywhere anytime.

Basketball Shot Coach™, Practice with Purpose!

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