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Celebrating International Women's Day: Inspiring Inclusion in Sports

Happy International Women’s Day! We want every young girl or woman who steps onto the field, range, track, or elsewhere to know that she belongs, and we hope to be a small part of her journey. We're proud to have female athletes on our team here at Onform who continue to compete in their sports of choice, and tens of thousands of female coaches and athletes who use our app to help them progress in their sports every day.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #InspireInclusion. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we talked with three incredible Onform users who are working with female athletes every day to hear their perspective about being a woman in sport:

Photo of Dr Alison Curdt on the golf course wearing a red shirt, white hat, and blue pants

Photo of Jen Fisher, colorado state university softball coach on the softball field in a grey sweatshirt cheering on her team

photo of monique gesualdi (Coach Mo) on a golf course in a pink polo and white visor with her arms crossed smiling

Dr Alison Curdt

Jen Fisher

Monique (Mo) Gesualdi

Dr. Alison is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction, LPGA Master Professional, and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America. She was 1 of 9 women to achieve the highest PGA credential earned by an instructor and 1 of 2 women to be a dual master professional in both organizations.

Jen has been the head softball coach at Colorado State University since 2011. As an alumna of CSU, she led the Rams to their second Mountain West regular-season title in 2019, and was named Mountain West Coach of the Year on two separate occasions.

Coach Mo is a PGA, LPGA, TPI certified Director of Instruction at St. John’s Golf & CC. Most recently, she was named 2024 North Florida PGA Youth Player Development Coach of the Year. She also has her own podcast, the Coach Mo Golf Show.

We asked each of these women what being a female coach means to them. Dr. Alison, Coach Mo, and Coach Jen all highlighted the opportunity to inspire diverse populations of females of all ages and impact lives both in and outside of sports. We loved the way Coach Mo put it: 

“I’m never going to be a brain surgeon or save a life in that way, but if I can get somebody who is scared to play golf into golf, if I can take their game to the next level, if I can create opportunities for them to go to college and play golf…these are huge things.” 

We then asked what inspires each of them as a female coach. Both Coach Jen Fisher and Dr. Alison mentioned the women who paved the way before them who serve as a constant source of inspiration. Coach Fisher also mentioned the resilience of her athletes. And for Coach Mo, she draws strength from seeing the growth of girls' golf and the sense of community it brings.

It’s impossible not to notice the explosive growth in women’s sports. For all three women, the changes they’ve experienced have been positive. Dr. Alison talked about the increased opportunities for women in golf, while Coach Mo mentioned a growing trend of women excelling across all sports, inspiring the next generation. Coach Fisher highlighted the growing support for female athletes:

“I see so many more people coming to support female sports and really be excited about it…there are men and women throughout the country that really respect the work ethic and performances of our female athletes. You’re seeing all these great performances...and you’re seeing the fans really come to enjoy that experience.”

If you'd like to hear directly from these three inspiring coaches about being a woman in their respective sports, check out the video below:

While we all celebrate International Women's Day today, these three women are inspiring the next generation of female athletes daily. So let's follow their lead and continue to inspire inclusion in all sports. At Onform, we're proud to be part of this movement, driven by the passion and dedication of our female athletes and coaches. Here's to a future where every woman feels valued and celebrated in the world of sports!

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