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Comparing OnForm vs CoachNow for Golf Instructors

Updated: May 7

table highlighting the main differences between Onform and CoachNow, and why Onform is better

Onform is quickly becoming one of the most popular video analysis apps on the market for golf instructors. The ability to integrate video feedback, sharing, and texting into one simple platform allows instructors to be more efficient, communicate better, and develop students faster than they could with other video analysis apps. 

CoachNow is one of the apps that has been on the market for several years, and they've created a good video analysis app. They offer video analysis tools for golf instructors, the ability to organize by students or teams, and store and share PDFs, images, or other files just like Onform,  But we’ve taken Onform a few steps further. 

What Differentiates Onform from CoachNow

Onform’s people-first design eliminates the confusion between spaces, segments, feeds and posts. We created a platform with simpler terminology that just works the way you work. So far, our users have appreciated the intuitive UI and straightforward design esthetic. The app was designed to get out of your way, let you do your job, and be there when you need it, wherever you need it. It’s fast, allows you to save voiceover recordings without any delays, automatically syncs all videos directly to the cloud, and lets you keep privacy top of mind with the option to select private or shared media.

If you're looking for a modern software platform that you can rely on which improves student engagement and makes coaching fun, give Onform a try. From our auto-detect swing capture camera, to our simple sharing features and our time saving notifications and organization, we’ve carefully focused on all of the little details that make a big difference in your day-to-day coaching.

Schedule a Demo

Ready to see Onform in action? Schedule a personalized demo with us, and we'll walk you through all the features and functionalities that make Onform the ultimate coaching platform. We'll also show you just how easy it is to import your existing videos from CoachNow, so you can hit the ground running with Onform.

Download the app today and experience the difference for yourself. 

Thanks for your support!

-Gear Fisher

Co-Founder, OnForm, Inc.

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