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Customer Profile With Earl Gerlach, PGA Director of Instruction

I am Earl Gerlach, Director of Instruction at the Collindale Golf Academy in Fort Collins, CO. I have had the pleasure of teaching golf for the last few years and I am always on the lookout for tools that will give my players the right kind of feedback so they can actually change and get better! I was fortunate when Gear came in for a lesson last year and told me about a new tool he was building to help me do just that...

How long have you been using OnForm?

I have been using OnForm for almost a year.

How do you use video with your lessons/instruction and what is the value of video?

I use video for feedback for my players, and ultimately for myself. Video does not (usually) lie. I teach a ton of players of all skill levels, but mostly I have less experienced players coming through my door. I use it so I can show people how they are currently moving so they can associate their new feels with a vision of what is actually happening. I can also use it to compare their motion to better players to give them an idea of what the ultimate goal would be!

Have you used another app in the past?

Yes, I used to Use V1.

What do you like about OnForm?

I love the communication between my players and myself. So far, I have truly enjoyed taking a few extra moments for the players who decide to ask me follow-up questions about our last session or to send me videos that I can directly compare to the video I took during our sessions. The other thing I love is that when people download the app, I can send them as many videos from our session as I would like. They now have a "take home" from our time together.

Do your students use the app to communicate with you, do they enjoy it?

Yes, there are not as many people as I thought that would take advantage of our continued communication, but I have some students who will send me follow up videos, or get clarification on something we spoke about in our sessions. They love it!

How has it helped with your teaching?

Apart from the feedback it develops for myself and my players, It is simple to use, I love the tools, and LOVE the unlimited videos I can store that are perfectly organised for me to review at a later time. I can easily send my players additional pictures or videos if there are any refinements I want to chat about that I did not cover, or that need further explanation.

Any suggestions for improvements?

Gear always gets my suggestions right away when I have them! Keep it going, I really enjoy using this app!


Thank you Earl for taking the time to provide us with some insight on your teaching and use of OnForm!


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