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Customer Profile with Erik Schjolberg, PGA Golf Instructor

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

This interview was conducted over email. Erik has been a phenomenal early adopter of OnForm and has helped us perfect the app for golf instructors. He's made the switch to OnForm, read on to see why and how he's using it.

Tell us about yourself (disciplines you coach, how long, successes etc)

  • Close to 30 years of teaching experience.

  • PGA Associate

  • TPI Certified (level 1 and 2)

I like to work with every level of golfer. I have had a motto from the very beginning that no golfer is going to get worse during our practice session. I hear too often that students are told that they are going to get worse before they get better. My goal is to get my students to understand what we are working on and why. I accomplish this by using video at the beginning of a lesson, show the student what we are going to work on and why we are going to work on that. I then shoot some video at the end to document the improvement and best of all send my students a 5-10 minute video lesson within 24-48 hours of their visit. This video lesson will show their swing along with drills we are working on to accomplish our goal and maybe even other golfers so they can see the correct positions.

All that being said. I follow the updated ball flight laws. I care where your ball goes. The first question you may hear from me is, tell me about your ball flight. Then we must have control of our club face before we worry about our path. Students are always amazed by how getting them in the correct posture and alignment with a good grip can make such a huge difference in their ball flight.

Lastly, I try to uncomplicate the golf swing so my students can be athletic and not focused on 10 different things they are supposed to be doing. I accomplish this through dynamic drills and focusing on one fix that will cure a few different issues. So, typically, my students are working on one area at a time and experience has taught me where to focus to get the greatest benefit.

How did you hear about OnForm and how did you get started with it?

I found OnForm on the App Store.

Have you used video in your coaching in the past?

I was using another app at the time I found OnForm. I was unhappy with many of the functions of the other app which is what led me to look for another app to take its place.

What features do you find most useful?

There are tons of features that I love. The best part of this app is that everything is contained within it. What I mean by that is, I never have to leave the app for anything having to do with my students and lessons. From all of our communications between each other (students), pdf’s I send of launch monitor data, lesson videos, etc. all of it is captured in OnForm. There is no more going to your text messages, email program, photos app, etc. to organize everything per student.

What are the main things you use with the app like the video analysis, chat or comparison features?

I can’t think of a function that I don’t use.

What do your students think about using it?

The students all love it and have told me, the ones that switched from V1 that they like this much better. Easier to navigate.

How is it helping?

OnForm has saved me hours and hours per week. I used to spend so much time looking for files, videos, communications, etc., that I don’t have to do anymore. Features like auto capture works so good that I can count on it to take great videos so I can focus on what I want to during the lesson.

Is it opening up new ways of generating income for your coaching business?

Not that I have seen yet. Maybe in the future.

Do you have suggestions for others getting started with it?

I would just tell them, and have, go all in. With the mass transfer feature it isn’t hard to move everything over. Keep your old product for a month or so just to make sure you have everything before they cancel it.

Has there been anything surprising you've found while using it?

The accuracy of the auto capture is crazy accurate. I love it!

What features do you wish it had?

I hope one day there is the ability to link this with my Trackman. ( -great suggestion, we'd love that too!)

Have you used it to prescribe workouts?

I use it all the time for workouts and lessons.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Look into offering, if possible, integration with Trackman.

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