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Introducing 'Collections' To Help Coaches Stay Organized

Updated: May 7

We're excited to announce a new way to organize your individuals and teams into groups so you can more easily communicate and keep track of your relationships. We call these groups 'collections' and a person can even be in more than one at a time. You can also sort your collections in any order and hide them from your main Home screen to reduce clutter.

Watch the short video below for a quick overview and how you can get started today.

Use collections in multiple ways:

  • Perfect for grouping athletes during practice or in camps and clinics

  • Create collections based on your coaching package levels like 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold'.

  • Use it for grouping athletes by age like '9th Grade', 'Junior Varsity' or 'Varsity'

  • Move inactive clients to a collection and hide it from your Home screen to reduce clutter

Collections are meant for the coach. Athletes won't know they are in a collection as they are designed to keep you organized, and you'll maintain the regular private chat between you and the athlete.

To create a new Collection just tap the 'Edit' button at the top of the Home screen. You'll also be able to sort, edit and broadcast a message to everyone in the collection here too.

The ability to broadcast a video or message to all members of the collection is a powerful way to maintain communication with large numbers of athletes and teams. When you broadcast a message it enables you to send a single message to multiple people at once. The message itself is placed in the private chat between you and each member of the collection, separately, therefore if a person replies to you, it arrives in the private chat between you and the member. Unlike a group text, where everyone sees every reply from anyone in the group, broadcasts are always private.

Please book a private 1:1 Zoom demo and we look forward to working with you!

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