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Streamline Your Lessons with a Wireless Studio

As the leaves start to fall and temperatures begin to dip, many instructors find themselves moving their teaching indoors. While this transition can be smooth, the hassle of dealing with clunky desktop software, tangled wires and old cameras can make things unnecessarily complicated. We wanted to show how you can easily go wireless using the iPhone and iPad that you already have, indoors and out!

This easy-to-follow video will teach you how to:

  • Capture Dual-Angle Recordings: Our auto-detect camera captures multiple angles simultaneously.

  • Use Wireless AirPlay: Engage your students with real-time visuals.

  • Reduce Motion Blur: No more blurry shafts and hands so you can see clearly

  • Remote Interaction: Control our app remotely from a podium or desk, giving you freedom and flexibility.

No More Wires, No More Hassle

Forget about outdated desktop computers or overpriced cameras that don't live up to their promise. With Onform, we've streamlined the technology to provide a seamless and efficient teaching experience that works as brilliantly as your iPad.

Get a Personalized Experience with a Free 1:1 Zoom Demo

Want a deeper understanding tailored to your specific needs? Book your spot for a FREE 1:1 Zoom demo with our Co-Founder, Gear Fisher. He will guide you through our best practices, ensuring that you know exactly how to conduct your lessons using Onform.

Teach Anywhere: Indoors or Outdoors

Whether you're planning lessons inside or braving the outdoor range, our setup is versatile and adapts to any environment. Enjoy the flexibility of teaching anywhere, without compromising on quality.

Join the New Wireless World with Onform

It's time to elevate your teaching methods and engage your students in an exciting, innovative way. Watch our video, schedule a demo, and explore the endless possibilities that await with Onform.

Are you ready to step into the future of teaching? Your wireless journey begins today. 🚀

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