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New Feature! Automatically Align Two Side by Side Golf Swing Videos

We released a great update this week, version 2.01.8 that has several improvements to the auto-capture camera functionality and to the playback of video. Note that the automatic swing phase detection has also been significantly improved since version 2.01.7. You'll see small red dots on the video player timeline for the start, top and impact point of the swing.

When you open two auto-captured videos, we now automatically align them at the impact point, a nice time saver when doing comparisons. You can try it yourself, checkout the video below for a demonstration:

Other updates in version 2.01.8 include:

  • Team coaches can now bulk invite their athletes! When adding a member, select the bulk invite option and either write out your case-sensitive code on your whiteboard or send out the invite link to your athletes by email/sms/etc.

  • When comparing two auto-detected golf swings, the app will automatically sync the two videos to the point of impact. This is a nice workflow optimization for users that use OnForm's auto detect feature.

  • Improvements to the golf swing auto detect algorithm to detect super fast swings.

  • Replies to notifications can be done without needing to open the app. Just swipe down or long press on the notification to reply to the message!

  • Free form and person tags in the camera are shown in the button used to make the selections. Previously, this was shown in a line of text at the top of the camera view, which was hard to read.

  • Selected tags are shown at the top of the free form and person selectors. They have little X buttons next to them allowing you to clear them out quickly. You can also see all selected tags in one place versus having to scroll through a long list to find the ones with check marks on them.

  • We fixed an issue in our cloud upload logic where sometimes uploads would not progress.

  • Long standing issue with image thumbnails not appearing sometimes has finally been squashed.

  • The chat keyboard is dismissed on tapping outside the message entry box or if you fast scroll in the chat window.

If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know! We're constantly making improvements to the app based on user feedback and we love hearing from our customers:


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