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OnForm Partners With Golf Insider UK For Expert Tips and Techniques To Improve Your Golf Game

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with Golf Insider UK to bring you golf tips and practice techniques to help you raise your game. Will Shaw, founder, is a golf professional focused on using deliberate practice and scientifically proven techniques to drive high performance learning. Alongside his applied work, Will lectures at Leeds Beckett University on the topics of sports biomechanics and skill acquisition.

We've chosen to work with Will because the combination of OnForm video analysis along with his training techniques are a perfect compliment to ensure your development as a golfer. You'll be able to use our Practice Partner feature to automatically capture every swing, and make improvements with pinpoint feedback.

Will brings deliberate practice to the self-coached golfer looking to make real improvements. If you're serious about getting better at golf, there's no better way than with specific, structured training provided by an expert, and Golf Insider has loads of articles to help you make real progress. "We're so excited to work with Will and Golf Insider UK, his approach to learning along with OnForm's video analysis platform is an ideal way to make real improvement" - Gear Fisher, Co-Founder of OnForm.

​Check out today and be sure to use OnForm when you're on the practice tee so you can review every shot.

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