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PGA Show Wrap-up

Our first PGA Show was a huge hit. Beyond our expectations. We launched our first hardware integration with BodiTrak pressure mats, demonstrated our skeleton tracking and automatic swing capture capability, and our easy studio and outdoor setup capability via the iRangeSports monopod. We met hundreds of instructors and industry folks, got to spend several days with our own team face-to-face, and enjoyed the Florida sun for about 10 minutes when it finally peeked out on Friday (ha). Chilly weather aside, we had an absolute blast.

As a software company, we mostly interact with emails and digital contacts with our customers. But it's our biggest joy to see and hear how our hard work is allowing coaches to help their students reach their true potential and getting to do this in person was very special. Being able to hear the stories of how we're saving people time, making their jobs (and life) easier is music to our ears and feeds our soul. No really, I can't emphasize enough how amazing it was to receive so many kudos from appreciative customers and encourages us to keep cranking on this path forward.

Telling our story to new potential customers was also par for the course. Many people had heard of us, often because we acquired Hudl Technique last May, but others didn't quite know what we were all about. It's always fun to see people realize what a powerful tool video can be when it's easy to capture, share and analyze.

Now that the dust has settled and we've traveled back to our homes, which for us means various states across the USA, we are settling back in to work mode more inspired than ever. This year is going to be amazing and we can't wait to show you what's in store.

Thanks again to all who came to Orlando and stopped by the booth, we hope to see you again soon. Please reach out anytime with feature suggestions or just to chat about how we can help improve your coaching workflow.

Thanks for reading, it was so great to meet everyone,

-Team OnForm: Gear, Krishna, Nate & Stephen

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