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Swing Balance AI: A New Data-Driven System for Golf Shaft Fitting

It’s always exciting when our development team partners with an engineering mind to create a new approach to an old process, and that is exactly what we have been working on over the past 10 months.

Partnering with Terry Hashimoto (founder of Swing Balance AI and co-founder of Boditrak) to simplify a shaft fitting process for golfers, Swing Balance AI makes it as easy as taking a swing to find your ideal shaft. If you are like me when getting a new driver, part of the fun is hitting balls and trying new shafts / heads / weights etc. However on the flip side is the exhausting part of hitting 75-100 balls to find that perfect fit.

SwingBalance AI has developed the ability to fit you for a driver shaft based on a golfer's load & unload profile, their swing trace and then a little mathematical algorithm to make for a simpler shaft fitting process.

If you have a BodiTrak mat, you can even try it today:

  1. Download Onform from the App Store

  2. Turn on your boditrak mat and connect to it via wifi

  3. Toggle on "Support BodiTrak Pressure Mat" and “Enable Swing Balance”

Open your Onform Camera and change the mode to the Auto Detect option, stand on the mat to calibrate and verify you are within the dotted box for auto detection.

Swing away and watch the app do the work. It will record your swing and within seconds be able to tell you the best shaft color for your swing. The feedback we have received from early adopters of the SwingBalance AI system has been incredible.

Onform is excited to move the needle forward with new technology providing the end users with an amazing experience to enhance their golf game.

Watch this video on the origins of the OnForm and Swing Balance AI partnership

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