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Updated Android App Now Live

We're excited to launch a significant upgrade to our Android app which is designed for athletes to stay in touch with their coach. While our new features don't yet bring full coach functionality to the app, it does level-up the app significantly for both athletes and coaches that use Android for recording.

New features include:

  • Access to the All Files Library

  • Access to Reference Content library

  • Ability to tag and title videos

  • A new video playback interface with frame by frame scrubbing

  • Share & delete multiple videos using long press multi-select

  • More reliable uploading and offline usage

  • Ability to record in 720p or 1080p resolutions

  • Fully compatible chat interface for communication

  • Improved search function

  • New share features including share via email and link

  • Auto sharing to the athlete while recording

  • Support for folding phones like the Samsung Z-fold

As a coach, you must create your account on an Apple device, but once created, you can login to the Android app using the same email/password and have access to all your videos and communications.

As an athlete, you still need to be invited by a coach to connect in the app and it is not possible to simply create a new free-standing athlete account.

We are continuously working to improve the functionality of our Android app, stay tuned for more new features and enhancements coming soon!

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