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Elevate Your Coaching Experience with OnForm's New Skeleton Tracking Feature

Updated: Mar 14

New as of November 2023: We've been hard at work here at OnForm, your ultimate mobile video coaching solution. With new features for joint angle tracking and segment selection, improving athletic performance is easier than ever. Simply tap on a joint to cycle through inside and outside angles or tap on a segment to turn it on or off.

man biking on indoor trainer with skeleton tracking feature enabled

man golfing with skeleton tracking angles highlighted

The highlight of our latest release is the introduction of skeleton tracking, an AI-powered feature designed to help you and your athletes better visualize movement: Discover areas of improvement like never before, with the ability to overlay a skeleton onto any video, new or old.

Please note that this feature requires an iPhone XS or newer, or a 2018 iPad Pro or newer, equipped with an AI-capable processor (A12 or M1 or newer).

Man swinging golf club outdoors with all joints highlighted

Visualize Movement with Precision: Clearly see how the body and joints work together with the skeleton overlay, providing clear visualization during both paused and active video playback.

No Delays: Experience zero delays and the flexibility to enable the visualization feature at any time, for any sport, without the need for an internet connection.

For Any Sport: Whether you're coaching golf, track & field, baseball, or any sport with a person in the frame, OnForm's skeleton tracking feature will work.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Side-by-side comparison mode allows you to see the same swing or movement from multiple angles.

Man swinging golf club outdoors with side by side comparison and all joints highlighted

As technology advances, OnForm remains at the forefront, incorporating computer vision capabilities, machine learning, and biomechanics. This marks the beginning of an era where athletes and coaches will see rapid progress in performance improvement, monitoring, and issue diagnosis.

OnForm will continue to push the boundaries of applied science, consistently introducing new capabilities as technology evolves to make you a better athlete and a better coach. We care deeply about the user experience and making genuinely useful tools, empowering athletes and coaches to reach their true potential.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think by tagging us in your videos and photos on social media at @onform_app.

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